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Studio8’s New Anadu Resort Is Inspired By The Landscape Of Eastern China

Photo: Sven Zhang The Anadu Resort lies at the bottom of Mount Mogan, near the city of Huzhou. The mountain constitutes part of the Moganshan National Park, known for cool temperatures even during the region’s scorching summers, making it extremely popular among the Shanghai elite. Studio8, a Shanghai-based architectural company, drew inspiration from tea leaves… Read More »

A 350-Foot Waterfall Cascade Down A New Skyscraper in Guiyang, China

Liebian Building, the latest addition to the skyline of Guiyang, China is one that features a 350 feet high, man-made waterfall in the middle of a buzzing city. The massive waterfall appears to pour out of the window and streams down the glazed facade into a pool at the foot of the building. City of Guiyang… Read More »

This Scottish Airbnb Is An AirShip Parked Away In Seclusion

Airbnb The AirShip 002 by Roderick James Architects is the second Airship to be build on the West coast of Scotland. From the outside, the little home looks like a futuristic aircraft, tucked away in Drimnin, within the Scottish Highlands. Situated at a secluded location with panoramic views across the Sound of Mull, the 4… Read More »

Villa Chameleon Is Luxury Living In The Balinese Jungle

Villa Chameleon / Word of Mouth House Located in the area of Buwit, a village in the southwest coastal area of Bali, the Chameleon Villa is a contemporary luxury residence for those who prefer privacy away from the popular Canggu. The villa is situated on an acre of land, overlooking a thick forest with a river… Read More »

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Historic Ennis House Listed for $23 Million

Famed American architect and multi-hyphenate Frank Lloyd Wright designed many houses in his lifetime. Of the many, the Mayan inspired home located in Los Angeles’s Los Feliz neighbourhood is one that almost as famous as he was, thanks to cameo appearances in multiple Hollywood appearances. Originally built for retailer Charles Ennis and his wife Mabel (hence, its… Read More »