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The World’s Most Expensive Luxury Private Jet Tour

The World’s Most Expensive Luxury Private Jet Tour: CrystalSkye So, you have the money and you are thinking of how to better spend it? Perhaps, for $45K, you could buy a private jet instantly at the online shopper’s space for luxury brands, such as LUXIFY. Instead of taking your dream to the sky with a plane… Read More »

The Seabreacher submarine “Fighter Jet” is the best way to spend £71,000

Seabreacher X aka Shark submarine-fighter jet If you have £51,000 to £71,000 to spend, the Seabreacher (available in models X, Y and Z) is the vessel which will give you the ultimate water sports experience. Produced by Innespace Productions, a watercraft design and fabrication company in Northern California, the Seabreacher is an advanced submersible watercraft which combines literally… Read More »

Make Your Flying Dreams Easier With Bombardier Private Jet

New private jet models come out every year and they are sought-after by jet enthusiasts either for its design or those who want their personal ultimate in-flight experience and further configured the interior to reflect their personal tastes. Recently, the renowned manufacturer of transportation and aerospace, Bombardier, has announced that it will put up its… Read More »

Private Jets Are Now Passé: The Flaris LAR 1 Personal Jet Fits In Your Garage

Flaris The Flaris LAR 1 is a single-pilot, four-passenger personal jet that was revealed at the 2013 Paris Air Show. Projected then to make its virgin flight in 2015, it was not until this July when flight tests began in Poland, following 2 years of ground tests that were completed in June. The Flaris LAR… Read More »

Private Jet: Experience the Legacy 650E

Private Jet: Experience the Legacy 650E This pre-owned 2014 Legacy 650E by Embraer is going on sale (price upon request). It can accommodate up to 14 passengers. With three spacious cabin zones forming a voluminous cabin, this private jet offers cabin comfort and productivity for business jet travellers, to ensure passengers have everything they need,… Read More »