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Stelton Releases New Range of Tableware Designed by Norman Foster

Stelton Releases New Range of Tableware Designed by Norman Foster From wine carafe and coffee cups to wine goblets and bowls as well as a tray, the new contemporary range of tableware collection by British architect Norman Foster and Danish design brand Stelton blend sculptural form and soft geometry to create exceptional tableware. Whether it is… Read More »

Magnificent Waterfront Property – Payette Lake Cliff House

This waterfront property designed by US studio McCall Design and Planning, the Payette Lake Cliff House is a luxury waterfront property cleverly built into rugged granite boulders which neighbour Idaho’s Payette Lake. Hewing a waterfront development into solid rock is no easy task and architects continued to work on the design right up to its completion but the… Read More »

The Last Shangri-La

“The Bhutanese,” our guide Gayleg told us at the beginning of the journey, “are very superstitious. They are a people who love their monarchy and believe that even looking at pictures of the King is good luck.” So, having the peculiar coincidence of flying into Paro Airport with the previous King (fondly known as K4 locally)… Read More »